About us

Who we are

Our company specializes in exterior and interior window frames products and services.
The 25 years of experience in the frame and metal construction industry have allowed to
Elmas to establish itself, despite its young age, as a modern construction company with high quality products and excellent customer service!

We know that every customer has unique needs and we are committed to working together to understand your requirements and deliver solutions and products that  will match your expectations!

Good relationships and happy customers are the key to a successful company and we have an obligation to achieve and maintain this in our partnerships!


Excellent quality of materials

All our products are designed with the goal of rational use of natural resources and energy while we make every effort to meet your simple daily needs!

Our frames with the properties of heat insulation and sound insulation are suitable so that you will never again worry about losses and high electricity bills, while the aluminum and iron constructions are extremely durable and you will never again have to worry about natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires! 

Our history already counts!

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Satisfied customers!
Years of experience!
High standards projects!